Murray to Mountains Rail Trail

Surface: Sealed gravel

Gradient: Mostly flat with some gentle hilly sections

Distance: 38km return

Fitness level: Most people in good health

Trail difficulty rating: Easy (green)

A firm favourite with locals and visitors to town for over 20 years, the downhill roll to Everton's general store for a milkshake and a pie is popular for a reason - check out the elevation profile on the map! You're reading it correctly, it's downhill for almost 20km.

Our favourite way to ride it is to follow the trail all the way to Everton's old station, then double back and take the right-hand fork towards Bright, before leaving the trail after a kilometre or so and riding the final few metres to Everton village. Return via Diffey Road, which is a quiet bitumen backroad, before rejoining the rail trail and heading back to Beechworth.

If you're on a non-powered bike then by this stage you'll be using all your weeties to get back up the hill. The gradient isn't steep ... but the climb never seems to end! Luckily there are plenty of food and drink options waiting for you in Beechworth.

Prefer to do the whole thing and still have strength in your legs at the end? Renting one of our E-MTBs is the answer. They'll have you coasting back up the hill, leaving you with plenty of energy to enjoy your surroundings and breathe in that fresh air.

38km return is a 3 hour ride for most, so if you have less time than that or you don't think you can make the whole distance then simply ride as far as you like towards Everton before turning around. It's a beautiful ride no matter how far you go.

Murray to Mountains Rail Trail | Ride Republic Beechworth Victoria
The Murray to Mountains Rail Trail to Everton