Booking information

We want all our Ride Republic riders to have an awesome adventure. Our suggested rides are carefully curated to take most people 2-4 hours and will take you to places off the beaten track, including some of the most popular local spots.

Riding surface

The riding surface on the trails, paths and backroads varies between tarmac, firm but loose gravel, sealed gravel, hardpacked trail and occasionally soft mud and huge puddles. To safely enjoy any of the suggested rides you need to be comfortable riding a bike on uneven terrain.

Cycling Concierge

If you've hired one of our E-MTBs, booked a shuttle or you're about to enjoy one of our ride packages then our cycling concierge will be at the Old Beechworth Gaol to meet you for the start and finish of your adventure. The cycling concierge will ensure you:

  • are comfortable on your bike,
  • have all of the equipment you will need for a safe and enjoyable ride,
  • understand the route directions for your adventure, and
  • keep an eye out for the points of interest during your ride.

The cycling concierge is available via the Ride Republic mobile phone (0419 477 637) between 9am-4pm to troubleshoot any issues.

When to arrive

The shuttle timetable is fixed and the shuttle will leave on time even if you're late, so please allow plenty of time!

If you've hired one of our E-MTBs we recommend you arrive 30mins before you need to leave. The Gaol's gates open at 8.30am and close at 4.30pm.

Clothing and shoes

You can ride in whatever you like, but to enjoy your day we recommend:

  • Padded bike pants. Whilst you can get through your ride no worries without them, you are on a bike, with a bike seat, for a few hours...
  • Cycling gloves. Light cycling gloves for riding comfort, warmer ones if it's a cooler day.
  • Flat-soled runners or trail-walking shoes. Our hire bikes have flat pedals.
  • Cycling-appropriate clothing. Loose clothing will flap around or get caught in your bike.
  • Weather-appropriate clothing. Beechworth weather can be changeable so check the forecast and be ready to adjust on the day. Remember to be SunSmart on warmer days.

Snacks and water

Drinking water is hard to find as soon as you leave town. Please bring your own cycling bottles or hydration backpack, which you can fill with water at the Gaol before you leave. We recommend you carry at least 700ml of water, more on longer rides.

How many snacks you carry is up to you, but you can't beat a little pit stop or two on a ride no matter where you are. We usually carry a muesli bar or two, a banana and a gel on medium rides and pack something more substantial on longer ones.

Terms of Hire

When you book a Ride Republic tour you must accept our Terms of Hire.